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The Proximator is the combination of the sharp, thin working-edge of the Periotome and the strength of the Luxating Elevator.
The Proximator also incises the ligament smoothly, extracts the tooth efficiently, and preserves the socket completely. It gives faster and less traumatic extractions . The kit options give the best possible access to any root surface in the mouth. It can reach the most difficult posterior areas without extreme cheek retraction.
Tweezers are used to remove or place small items like cotton wool pellets into the mouth . College Tweezers or cotton pliers used in dentistry to carry and place cotton rolls between gum and cheek. College tweezers have angled serrated tip provides an optimum angle to perform the procedure conveniently.
Osteotome is used to condense bone material under the sinus and allows for the transport of bone graft chips from the implant cavity or for condensing them apically.