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AllTechZ Solutions (ATS) is the No.1 Embedded Project Center in Chennai. ATS Provides different domain such as Embedded projects, IEEE projects, ECE projects, BBA projects, Big data projects, Networking project, Software project, Cloud Computing, Robotic projects, Data Mining project, Mat Lab project, lab view projects, Java project and final year projects are available for arts, diploma and engineering students. ATS’s Final Year Project involves all kinds of projects like BE, MSC, MBA, BBA, ME, BSC, MCA and programming languages like Embedded C, Python, Oracle, Java, Dot Net, Mat Lab, Network security, Sql, Mobile computing, image processing and Cloud computing. ATS guides the students for Projects on Android, VLSI, Embedded, Linux Device driver based, Big Data and Robotics, so students can gain more practical knowledge on latest technologies. ATS offering 100% placement support and Interns based on students requirements and their manner. AllTechZ Project development Team helps the students to complete their projects within budgets and deadlines.